Why choose Thrive Collective?

Thrive Collective is a boutique FMCG consulting company, providing hands-on sales, category and business management expertise to help small, medium and start-up businesses thrive with retailers.

A director is involved every step of the way; from strategy through to implementation, bringing along a wealth of experience of collaborating with grocery and pharmacy retailers, to successfully grow FMCG businesses profitably in both leading and challenger positions, across food and non-food categories.

We invest the time to get to know you and your business’s needs, to gain a better understanding of how we can best help you. We’ll focus on our strengths, giving you more control over your time at work and the option to focus on additional opportunities.

The people behind Thrive Collective

Thrive Collective was founded by Christian D’Andrea and George Gabriel. Having worked together since 2011 across a number of companies, we share a vision that small, medium & start-up businesses deserve to have more control over their time and possess the same opportunities as large businesses to thrive. Through that vision and our shared knowledge and experience in FMCG, we brought Thrive Collective to life.

Our Team

Introducing Christian D’Andrea and George Gabriel. Through sharing the same vision we brought Thrive Collective to life where we can help small, medium and start – up FMCG businesses realise their potential and Thrive with retailers.

George Gabriel

Co-founder, Director, Thriver

George’s perseverance, creative problem solving, cross functional business approach and collaborative retailer relationships has enabled him to consistently grow FMCG businesses profitably.

His experience spans across diverse businesses and categories with brands in leading and challenger positions and has consistently created mutually beneficial long-term solutions for the businesses and retailers.

Looking forward, George’s focus and passion lies in using his experience to help small, medium and start up FMCG businesses bridge their knowledge, experience and resource gaps and help them grow profitably with retailers.

Christian D’Andrea

Co-founder, Director, Thriver

Having worked across a vast range of businesses and categories, Christian has progressed within commercial teams to lead the development and Implementation of joint business strategies.

Christian is recognised for his drive, diligence, and adaptability when it comes to finding solutions and outcomes, with an approach that is focused on setting strong foundations for longer term goals.

With a vision to deliver a new level of energy and experience to small and medium FMCG businesses, Christian is passionate about helping nimble businesses unlock their potential.